Impact analysis Sustainable Development Goals

Logistics services company

To know our impact on the SDGs and the impact that the SDGs have on our company is part of this. Esther supervised the process in a major logistics services company of mapping its impact on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The results of this analysis were used both as input for strategy setting and for the annual report. At an early stage the company had already taken an overall look at the opportunities and risks that the SDGs bring to the company.

It was then time to take the next step: mapping the positive and negative impacts on the SDGs and actually identifying the opportunities and risks. Indeed, investors asked for this.

After conducting the analysis, in which staff from various departments were involved, the SDGs were linked to the material topics; where necessary, themes were added. The new list was first validated and prioritised internally. Following this, stakeholders were also asked for their opinion. The findings were discussed during the stakeholder dialogue, and specific topics were explored further in groups.


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