“Thresholds of Transformation"

Joining forces together with r3.0 and UNRISD

We believe it’s time to take the next step in sustainability reporting. Therefore, we are approaching frontrunners in Integrated Reporting and impact measurement with a new initiative we are launching as an advocation partner of r3.0 (www.r3-0.org).  

We are thrilled to announce that we are joining forces together with r3.0 and UNRISD in a groundbreaking initiative: “Thresholds of Transformation – Sustainable Development Performance Indicators Pilot Testing”. 

Over the last three years UNRISD has developed a set of Sustainable Development Performance Indicators (SDPIs) with support from r3.0. These SDPIs aim to not only measure incremental progress toward the SDGs (Tier one), but also contextualize organization performance in relation to ecological, social and economic thresholds (Tier 2), as well as address organizational transformations necessary to achieve a truly sustainable economy and society (Tier 3). This step in measuring true sustainable development, within the boundaries of our planet (thresholds) and with full transparency on the value creation process of your organization (allocations), is crucial to tackle the challenges as presented by the SDGs. 

Some highlights of this project: 

  • Receive training by r3.0 and TOSCA (inhouse is possible, depending on the size of your team and timeline)
  • Test a robust three-tiered typology of sustainable development performance indicators
  • Get in-depth insight into true drivers for sustainable development for your company and receive feedback
  • Based on your learning objectives you can participate in peer-to-peer learning circles and receive feedback from other frontrunners

This nine-month project will enable you to participate in a journey to get in-depth insight into the drivers for sustainable progress of your company, and to learn from other frontrunners and thought leaders on sustainable progress. TOSCA offers companies support in this journey. Based on your own resources this support can consist of knowledge transfer, support implementation and/or consolidating results.  

We hope you are as enthusiastic about this project as we are! We are looking forward to engage with you. Reach out to one of us or send us a mail via Info@toscatribe.nl.

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