Implementation & engagement


The strategy has been determined, but what to do next? How do you implement your sustainable strategy?

We are happy to help you identify the effective practices for your organization to really embed sustainability. Setting up good governance is an important starting point for this. We can also help set up project plans and support with certifications and benchmarks.

Ultimately, we strive to convert the strategy and plans into effective communication so that everyone in the organization but also outside the organization gets inspired and included.

Together with its partners TOSCA offers a range of services in this area:

  • Culture Scan: 60 effective practices on how to embed sustainability in your company
  • Action plans & policies
  • Governance: responsibilities, resources
  • Communication execution
  • Support with certifications & benchmarks like EcoVadis, ISO, CO2 prestation ladder
  • Training and workshops

All organisations are different and have specific questions and needs; we will help you find a tailored solution for your problem. If necessary, we can bring in experts from our broad network.

For questions in this area, please contact:

Effective and proven practices on how to embed sustainability in your company

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