Supervising the process of creating an Integrated Report

ZLM Verzekeringen

ZLM Verzekeringen wanted to set the first step towards an integrated report. Nicolette simultaneously started work on how to integrate long-term value creation in the company strategy. After a thorough analysis of the ‘quick wins’ in the annual report, additions to the annual report were drafted based on interviews with parties involved, which gave a better picture of the company's value creation for customers and employees. Nicolette also analysed what indicators ZLM Verzekeringen used internally that could be added to the annual report to present a more balanced view of its performance.

A workshop with the management first looked at the meaning of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to map the impact that ZLM Verzekeringen was having on its stakeholders and the contribution it wanted to make to the realisation of social issues. In an interactive session themes were chosen that matched ZLM and then translated into the mission, vision and strategy. This process focused not only on the risks for the organisation, but also on the opportunities that would strengthen ZLM's distinctiveness and continuity.

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