EcoVadis aims to improve the environmental and social practices of companies by using the impact on the global production chains. EcoVadis operates the 1st collaborative platform that allows companies to evaluate the sustainability performance of their suppliers across 150 sectors and 110 countries. The reliable evaluations and easy-to-use evaluation tools allow companies to manage risks and encourage eco-innovations in their global supply chains.


Request & approach

Our customer Trifleet asked TOSCA for support in obtaining an EcoVadis benchmark. This included collecting, uploading and reviewing the documentation as well as advice on how to improve in the future after the final score was announced.

  • Inventory of the documents submitted for the Ecovadis benchmark
  • Assessment of these documents on the basis of EcoVadis requirements e.g. actuality, quality, completeness, etc.
  • Reviewing and discussing the assessment with Trifleet and, where possible, requesting and supplementing it with existing initiatives, information and documents
  • Preparing and submitting the information to Ecovadis for the new annual review by Ecovadis
  • Evaluation of the score and advice for points for improvement



TOSCA has guided Trifleet twice in this process. This year Trifleet received the EcoVadis Gold score.

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