Focusing on value creation

Dutch insurance company

A major Dutch insurance company found that its focus on long-term value creation had not yet been anchored in the planning & control cycle. It also realised that the employees were not informed about the strategic objectives that were linked to the Sustainable Development Goals, so that they were not adequately translated into opportunities on the shop floor.

For one full year Nicolette supported the insurance company as a programme manager and pushed it to realise its ambition to anchor ‘Integrated Steering’ in the organisation. To achieve this, she utilised formal channels, like setting up a steering group and a working group, but also informal channels, such as informing and encouraging key officers and setting up an app group to share inspiration. Together with a few internal employees she also organised an inspiration day for the organisation's staff, who were seen as ‘change agents’ in the organisation.

The result of her work was that employees became more aware of the meaning of sustainability for the organisation and that non-financial KPIs were developed that gave meaning to integrated steering.


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