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Herman Mulder, SDG Netherlands, impact Economy Foundation

What has 2020 brought you?  
To cite Charles Dickens in “A tale of two cities”: “the best of times, the worst of times". For my professional life, 2020 was about sobering wisdom of our collective myopia as warning for the future because crises are "normal": COVID-19 was not a black swan (rather a white swan: accident waiting to happen); our lack of resilience and collective preparedness & response was more black. Personally, the lock-downs and working from home offered me more efficient use of time and, hence, more space for reflection.

What are your hopes for 2021? 
I hope we can "build forward better, together". For me, this means shifting "from accidental pain to systemic gain": we need to sharpen our eyes (without masks) and accelerate (with many "ayes") for a collective sustainable course "crossing the aisles" (not only in the US). And personally: physically reconnect with family, friends, colleagues.

What are your thrives for 2021?  
My mission is all about "Making markets fit for SDG implementation". I will do everything in my power to have the new Cabinet have the SDGs as core ambition for all ministries.  And personally: do my 6th Dam2Dam; get IEF into orbit! 
Pieter Lugtigheid, Strategic Lead Responsible Business Aegon Netherlands

What has 2020 brought you? 
More rest, a more effective way of working, more time for reflection and managing my energy level and more creativity, a different work-life balance. I have also enjoyed nature much more and spending time with my familiy. I learned to value what I have and can do, and not focus on what I don’t have or cant do. I dont take everything for granted anymore. I also noticed a huge leap on sustainability at Aegon on the one hand, but an energy drain due to less contact  and acting in a small group of people on the other hand. I am more and more convinced that the real change and impact of this crisis will last long after 2020, and that is a huge challenge for us. I expect that profit maximalization will still prevale, and that companies  are loss adverse, meaning reorganization after reorganization. Also the solidarity in society hasn’t really changed, despite the positive actions we saw at the first lock down. Still, organizational cultures will slowely change and even dismantled due to the long lasting remote working.  
What do you hope 2021 will bring you/us?  
A slow but gradual way to a new normal with a new human normal and more focus on the planet and solidarity.  
What are you going to strive for in 2021?  
To contribute to this positive change via SDG 17 and 18. SDG17 is partnerships, working together, SDG18 is giving yourself. 

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