Webinar: Remember the why: CSRD as a driver for change


Many companies are deeply involved with the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). DMA, gap analysis, data collection, data integrity, meetings with accountants, ESRS, report structures... We're so busy with these tasks that we sometimes forget the original purpose of the CSRD. Behavior Change for a Better World With so much to consider regarding the CSRD, it's easy to lose sight of its original intent.

The program of this Webinar is:

  •  CSRD as a Tool for Change
  •  Choosing Sustainable Behavior: Types of behavior change to implement, by Ulrike de Jong (TOSCA)
  •  Interventions for Sustainable Behavior: Types of resistance and energy to consider, by Marjolein Baghuis (TOSCA)
  • Conversation with Eelco Smit: Senior Manager of Environmental Affairs and Products Compliance at Panasonic, sharing practical examples from his current role and his former role as Senior Sustainability Director at Philips. We are pleased that Eelco Smit will contribute to the webinar with practical examples from his extensive experience. 

Enjoy the webinar!

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